Payment to a company or an organization

If you like you can have your STIM payments go to a company or an organization.

If you would like your STIM payments to go to a company owned either by you or someone else, or an organization please fill in the form Notification of payment to company (pdf), and send it to STIM along with a copy of the company's VAT registration certificate.

Cancellation of Transfer/Grant

Cancellation of a transfer to your own company must be made in writing (it cannot be sent by e-mail). The letter must include the account number you wish the money to be paid into in future.

Cancellation of a grant to a company with several owners must also be made in writing as above, but the notice of cancellation must be signed by all owners of the company, not just the person wishing to cancel the grant. We also need the account details of everyone involved in the cancellation.

Please send the notification notice or the cancellation to:

Member Services
Box 17092
SE-104 62 Stockholm