Payment calendar 2024

STIM makes eight royalty payments during the year. Four major payments each quarter which are specified below, as well as four payments concerning digital music services only, licensed via ICE Services.

Please note that the following dates are preliminary and may be updated later on.

X marks the payment date for the distribution category in question. Each column refers to a specific payment, eg 06 18 means June 18.

Distribution category 02 20 03 19 05 21 06 18 08 22 09 17 11 21 12 17
Subsidised concerts (art,music)   X   X   X   X
Dancing, Disco       X       X
Logged live music   X   X   X   X
Unlogged live music           X    
Theatre music   X   X   X   X
Logged background music   X   X   X   X
Unlogged background music       X       X
Public Service Radio       X       X
Public Service TV       X       X
Commercial radio       X       X
Commercial TV       X       X
Community radio       X       X
Cinemas   X   X   X   X
Online Direct Licensing X   X   X   X  
Logged online music   X   X   X   X
Private Copying Levy (PKE)       N/A       X
Library remuneration   X            
Unlogged online/new media music               X
International receipts   X   X   X   X
Broadcasting in neighbouring countries       X       X
Broadcasting in neighbouring countries (cable)               X
Corrections   X   X   X   X
NCB, cd, dvd and synch       X       X
NCB online   X   X   X   X


More information about the distribution categories