NCB royalties

This type of royalty includes remuneration for CDs, DVDs, downloads, etc. They are often called "mechanical royalties".

NCB pays remuneration for music that has been recorded and released ("mechanised") on CD or DVD, for example. This category also includes downloads of entire musical works and ringtones for mobile phones.

Where does the money come from?

The responsible publisher (record or film company, etc.) or their distributor. Private individuals can also be responsible publishers. Downloads are also paid for by special music service companies.

How is music reported?

The publisher provides information about product content.  

How is the money distributed?

The publisher states which copyright holders are involved in the production. Depending on the type of agreement between the publisher/distributor and STIM/NCB, remuneration is paid either as a lump sum or in instalments based on actual sales.

When it comes to film, TV and video, payments to rightholders are divided into two sections. The first is  a one-off payment for synchronising the music with images (AV Synchronisation); the second is remuneration for copying to a particular format (AV Mechanisation). This is shown as different contract types in the royalty document from NCB.  

When is the money paid?

Twice a year (June and December).

How can I file a claim/complaint?

Log into My Pages and complete the form called "Cd och dvd-försäljning" (CD and DVD sales)

or "Film och tv-produktioner" (Film and TV productions). 

If you have received remuneration for this category it will be shown as follows in the royalty note:

Royalty [tillfälle år] (OL) = Online (mechanical + performing for download and ringtones reported from online reporters who have an agreement with STIM.)

Royalty [tillfälle år] (OS)  = Ordinary statement (mechanical royalties for CDs, DVDs, downloads, etc.)

Royalty [tillfälle år] (PF)  = Performing (the proportion of a download classified as performing)

Royalty [tillfälle år] (BT) = Blank tape levy (compensation for legal private copying from foreign societies that administer mechanical rights). OS is the largest category and, like PF, is itemised for each work in the royalty document from NCB. Includes record releases (CD, vinyl, cassette),  downloads, and film, TV and video production (such as DVD release). 

BT is often paid as a lump sum which is shown in the royalty note. The fees are distributed based on previously received royalties from the foreign society that sent the BT. Individual societies, however, send BT per work and this is presented in the royalty document as "Foreign/Phono blank tape levy". The sum is then included under the OS.