Analogy for the unlogged background area

When STIM distributes money for unlogged music usage we use an analogy, meaning that the distribution is based on music reports from other areas. The analogy is continuously analyzed and adjusted to as best as possible represent the music that is actually being played.

Before the STIM payment in June 2017 we adjusted the analogy for unlogged background music with statistically significant data that we ordered from Sifo Kantar. The previous survey was made in 2015.

The big change from the previous analogy, is that that customers on the background music area were found to be using internet radio as a music source to a greater extent than before, and that the use of records has somewhat increased.

The survey also shows that background music customers use digital music providers to a large extent, which means that the revenues from customers in the background music area can be distributed directly to music reports instead of by analogy. Approximately 14% of the total revenue in the background, is distributed to reports from music providers.

Currently distributed as compensation under this analogy:

TV - total


SVT 1 4,75%
SVT 2 2,65%
TV3 0,77%
TV4 4,75%
Kanal 5 0,69%
TV6 0,97%
Sjuan 0,68%
Kanal 8 0,19%
Kanal 9 0,1%
TV 10 0,09%
TV12 0,13%
Animal Planet 0,33%
Discovery 0,4%

Radio - total


P1 1,61%
P2 0,37%
P3 4,15%
P4 riks 2,58%
P4 lokal 9,56%
P5 lokal 0,07%
Mix Megapol 7,13%
NRJ 2,23%
Rockklassiker 0,45%
Vinyl 0,38%
Star FM 0,24%
Power Hit Radio 0,01%
Bandit Rock 0,31%
Lugna favoriter 1,21%
Rix FM 5,56%
Svensk Pop 0,06%
Närradio 0,36%

Internet Radio - total


P1 på webben 0,06%
P2 på webben 0,06%
P3 på webben 0,58%
P4 Riks på webben 0,46%
P4 Lokal på webben 0,73%
P5 Lokal på webben 0,15%
Mix Megapol på webben 0,99%
NRJ på webben 0,32%
Rockklassiker på webben 0,04%
Vinyl FM på webben 0,03%
Star FM på webben 0,02%
Bandit rock på webben 0,18%
Lugna favoriter på webben 0,54%
Rix FM på webben 0,78%
Svensk pop på webben 0,05%
Närradio på webben 0,05%

Downloads - total


Itunes 2%

Streaming - total


Spotify 23,51%
SoundCloud 0,78%
YouTube 1,45%
Itunes 1,05%
Tidal 0,61%
AppleMusic 0,17%
Deezer 0,04%

Records - total


Records 12,59%