On November 26 we pay money to our affiliated songwriters and music publishers for music used in Spotify. Please note that we make three payments during a relatively short time span and here is what areas and music services that are included:

  • November 26th: Spotify (Jan-Mar 2018)
  • December 14th: Live, background music, broadcast, online, international (full summary)
  • Late December: YouTube, Itunes och Apple Music

To see the details about your payment just log in to My Pages. Please remember that your songs must have accumulated at least SEK 100 in order for you to receive a payment. If your balance is less than SEK 100 then the amount is saved until you reach the threshold. Your balance is visible in the chart on My Pages.

Payment will take place on November 26 and you may have the money in your bank account that very day. Sometimes however, the amount is visible a few days later, so we kindly ask for your patience.

To understand your documents on My Pages better, it's a good idea to read through our list of the different distribution categories.