How much is one minute of broadcasting worth, and how much do you get for one stream?

When your music is played on radio and TV, you get reimbursement from STIM for every played minute. For streaming services however, you will receive a fixed amount when your song has been played for at least 30 seconds.

Here are some examples of how much one minute of your music is worth when played on radio or television, as well as how much a stream in a digital music service is worth. The minimum values changes from time to time, and the minute values below apply to the payment in June 2017. The level of compensation varies between the various radio companies, the broadcasters and the streaming services.

A complete list of all minute values for the June payment 2017 can be found at the bottom of the page.


Spotify Premium: 0,013 SEK for each play

Spotify Free: 0,0014 SEK for each play

Youtube: 0,0015 SEK for each view

The streaming values were last updated in October 2017. The numbers for Spotify relate to the Swedish version of the service. To calculate your own "value per stream" you may use a PDF guide on My Pages.


SVT1:  399,21 SEK per minute

SVT1 film: 313,95 SEK per minute

SVT1 Lokal: 36,53 SEK per minute

SVT2: 135,30 SEK per minute

SVT2 film: 101,42 SEK per minute

SVT2 Lokal: 12,24 SEK per minute

Barnkanalen film: 27,84 SEK per minute

Barnkanalen: 25,08 SEK per minute

SVT 24: 4,71 SEK per minute

SVT 24 film: 3,79 SEK per minute

Kunskapskanalen: 13,90 SEK per minute

Kunskapskanalen film: 10,15 SEK per minute

TV3: 47,26 SEK per minute

TV4: 339,31 SEK per minute

TV4 film/reklam: 249,61 SEK per minute

TV4 Lokal- film/reklam: 10,09 SEK per minute

TV 12: 24,67 SEK per minute

TV 12 film/reklam: 24,67 SEK per minute

Kanal 5: 45,81 SEK per minute

Kanal 5 film/tv: 26,96 SEK per minute

TV6: 30,47 SEK per minute

Sjuan: 40,00 SEK per minute

Sjuan film/reklam: 40,00 SEK per minute

Kanal 9: 13,85 SEK per minute

C More: 32,23 SEK per minute

Kanal11: 10,40 SEK per minute

Kanal 11 film/reklam: 10,40 SEK per minute

Discovery: 12,35 SEK per minute

Animal Planet: 2,15 SEK per minute

TLC: 9,15 SEK per minute


Synchronization fee collected from TV production companies: 909,22 SEK per minute


P1: 92,09 SEK per minute

P2: 50,65 SEK per minute

P2 Lokal: SEK per minute

P3: 67,17 SEK per minute

P4 riks: 67,73 SEK per minute

P4 lokal: 5,77 SEK per minute

P5 Stockholm: 2,49 SEK per minute

SR Webbradio: 2,93 SEK per minute

RIX FM: 1,39 SEK per minute

Mix Megapol: 1,13 SEK per minute

107,1 Vinyl: 1,06 SEK per minute

Bandit Rock: 0,68 SEK per minute

East FM: 0,2 SEK per minute

Lugna favoriter: 5,16 SEK per minute

NRJ: 0,63 SEK per minute

Rockklassiker: 0,35 SEK per minute

Svensk Pop: 0,86 SEK per minute

Please note - the amount is shared by the authors and music publishers registered on the work.

The amount is based on the result of the last STIM payment. The values can vary slightly between different time periods and our ambition is of course that the amounts will keep getting higher.

You may download a complete list of the minute values for the June payment 2017 below (in Swedish only).