How much is one minute of broadcasting worth?

Here are a few examples of how much one minute of air play is worth in royalties.

Swedish national televison (public service, SVT1 and SVT2): SEK 331,32 per minute
Barnkanalen: SEK 45,28 per minute
Kunskapskanalen: SEK 18,90 per minute
TV3: SEK 75,39 per minute
TV4: SEK 322,86 per minute
Kanal 5: SEK 82,28 per minute

Public Service Radio

P1: SEK 138,75 per minute
P2: SEK 61,75 per minute
P3: SEK 81,50 per minute
P4 riks (national): SEK 92,25 per minute.

The rate per minute is higher for live performances.

Performances on commercial radio bring in
approx. SEK 1-2 per minute.

The amounts are divided between the creators and any publishers registered for the work played.

The amounts are based on the result of the latest payment. Rates per minute may alter slightly between different periods. We are therefore unable to guarantee these levels for future payments. However, our aim is obviously for the amounts to go on increasing.

If you would like to get information about the rates per minute for other areas and channels, please contact Member Services, [email protected], to order a detailed list.