Ideas for music at hotels

Carefully selected music can help guests enjoy their hotel stay to the greatest extent possible.

Offering guests music  in their rooms and in the restaurant and bar may seem like an obvious step. However, music can also enhance and complement hotel service functions such as checking in and out, the relaxation area, etc.

Music in the lobby

Guests get their first impression of the hotel the moment they walk through the door. The music they hear in the lobby gives a clear signal of what type of hotel they have entered. Remember to choose music based on your target group and to consider what it should communicate - exclusiveness, warmth, local ties or simply peace and quiet. When you have decided upon your message, try to find music that reinforces that sensation.

Music at the switchboard

Nobody likes waiting in telephone queues, but the right music can make holding time seem shorter and give a businesslike impression. Remember to adapt volume and music selection to the target group.

Music in rooms

Guests spend the majority of their hotel stay in their room. Thus, they should be given the opportunity to select music themselves. A TV, radio, CD player or computer in the room gives guests the chance to find something they like.

Music in the breakfast room

If the aim is to give guests a gentle start to their day, calm music is preferable. TV with the option of watching morning programmes might also be a possibility in the breakfast room or in a separate area of the breakfast room.

Music in the restaurant

An overall concept including food, interior design, service and music is important in this area. One option might be to play soft and subtle background music to create the right mood. However, music might also be selected to enhance the food experience - for example, Asian music at a Thai buffet or Italian hits when serving pasta and pizza. Remember that music signals what type of establishment the guest is visiting and on what level he or she is expected to consume.

Music in the bar

The bar offers a great opportunity to provide variety and profile the business. An instinctive DJ who enhances the party mood might be a good choice. Classic hotel entertainment with a bar pianist is another option. Sometimes playing the radio is enough. Most important is understanding the mood and adapting music to the clientele.

Music in relaxation areas and the spa

Music can create a sense of calmness and help guests relax. Playing music during massages, for example, is a good way to enhance the experience. Specially composed relaxation music is available for this type of use.


The gym is a good place to play music with a little rhythm and a quicker tempo. Gyms often use specially composed music with a distinct rhythm. A TV in front of treadmills and stationary bicycles is generally very appreciated. Calm background music in changing rooms can be just the ticket to wrap up a work-out session.

Music in garages

Playing music in garages is becoming increasingly common. Garages often seem desolate and barren. A little radio music over the loudspeakers, for example, reduces the feeling of insecurity.