Nyhet14 June 2024
During the last decades, Sweden has produced many successful songwriters, and this trend keeps growing. Based on unique data, we at STIM now present +100! – a list of the fastest-rising songwriters in the country. The list displays 53 music creators, such as Cornelia Jakobs, Anton ‘Litens’ Nilsson, and Moonica Mac.

The songwriters on the list are in an explosive phase of their careers, and their royalty payments from STIM increased by more than 100 percent last year. We want to highlight these writers and enable an exchange of experiences. But also to create new collaborations and allow them to develop their music-making.

The list represents a variety of genres, including K-pop, theme songs, metal, art music, movie scores, songs for children, and hip-hop. Some of the most successful writers during 2022 are Maxida Märak, Marcus White, Sofia Hallgren, and Kiddo.

"Such a joy to be a part of this list! It is a receipt of the hard work that has finally paid off. And to be on this list for the second consecutive year is totally unreal and at the same time extremely energizing", says Sofia Hallgren, composer of music for movies, TV, and commercials.

Sweden's fastest-rising songwriters: +100!

Adam Englund
Adam Portnoff
Adéle Cechal
Aladdin Awad
Alex Karlsson
Anton Fargau Petrini
Anton Ingvarsson
Archie McCallum
Carl Wachtmeister
Christian Wannerwall
Cornelia Jakobsdotter
Dag Lundberg
David Wikberg
David Zandén
Eddie Berg
Elin Bergman
Emelie Eriksson
Erik Renöfält Fhager
Fredrik Forell
Gabriel Brandes
Gustav Karlström
Hannes Engström
Isa Molin
Jakob Redtzer
Jimmy Claeson
Jonas Yoon
Josefine Götestam
Julia Nilsson
Karl Ivert
Kian Sang
Lisa Brolander
Anton "Litens" Nilsson
Manfred Hulebo
Manne Skafvenstedt
Marcus White
Martin Bjelke
Maxida Märak
Michael Cheung aka MLC
Nicklas Eklund
Oscar Christiansson
Oscar Karlsson
Oskar Rindborg
Patrik Kindvall
Per-Anders Nilsson
Petter Karlsten
Ramil Benjamin
Rasmus Hermansen
Simon Westman
Sofia Hallgren
Tobias Erlandsson
Wilhelm Belin
Wilhelm Börjesson


About +100!

The list +100! comes from STIM:s payment data in 2021 and 2022, zooming in on songwriters in the early stages of their careers. Thanks to this data STIM have unique insights into trends in the music business and the progress of Swedish writers. With over 100 000 members, 25 000 music users, and 40 000 music licenses, there is a constant information flow about where and how music plays. It gives us precise and fact-based knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere.