Nyhet23 December 2016
On December 7th, 2016 NCB management, in collaboration with EY, presented a proposal for a future model for the administration of mechanical rights in the Nordic countries.

According to this proposal NCB's administrative activities relating to licensing, collection and distribution of controlled music copyrights will continue uninterrupted but in a new organizational setting. It is proposed that all administrative activities and key administrative resources are outsourced to KODA in order to maintain the core operation and commercial know-how.

A formal decision is expected on an extra-ordinary General Assembly on March 22nd, 2017. If decided by the General Assembly, NCB as well as its owners will ensure that the implementation of the new model is performed with a minimum of negative impact to authors, composers, music publishers and NCB licensees. 


NCB, the Nordic Copyright Bureau, has its headquarters in Copenhagen. It is a music organization owned by STIM, together with our Nordic equivalents.

NCB works with music in film and television, licenses for record releases, music downloads, etc.

NCB is in charge of managing these licenses and agreements – but payment is made via STIM. These are specified as “mechanical rights” on the music creator’s payment documentation from STIM.

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