Music in revues and cabarets

Music is a necessary ingredient of revues and cabarets. STIM offers a music licence that allows music to be used during the different numbers.

You need a music licence from STIM when using copyright protected music in a revue or cabaret. The licence gives you permission to use music in the performance's numbers and during intervals. 

For further information and to obatain a license, please contact our Customer Service

Note that the licence is not valid for music that is of decisive importance for the plot or that moves the plot forward. A special licence from the author or the author's publishing company is needed for that type of music use.

Music in theaters

Here you can find information if you are interested in a license for music in theaters. 


The fee is 2 per cent of gross ticket sales for a revue or cabaret that plays 30 minutes of music; minimum fee of SEK 1.30 per visitor applies.

Where does the money go?

The money we collect from licensees is individually distributed to the music creators and music publishers. STIM is owned by the right holders and operates with support of the Swedish copyright legislation.