Music at the hairdressers, massage parlour, beauty salons, opticians, in health and body care

Carefully selected music can help you create a good atmosphere at your place of business.

To play music to your customers you need a music licence from STIM . This applies regardless if you play music streaming from the internet, from a radio, CD player, hard drive or any other type of music source - or if you have a TV on the premises. The person who runs the business is responsible for obtaining the licence.

If you are several businesses sharing the same premises a single license is sufficient. For daily playback of background music in a room that is smaller than 100 square meters of annual fee is 1452 SEK.

Where does the money go?

The money we collect from licensees is individually distributed to the music creators and music publishers. STIM is owned by the right holders and operates with support of the Swedish copyright legislation