Music during exhibitions, fairs, dance performances, fashion shows and other events

Music enhances our experiences, and is a perfect way to unify any type of event. Make the most of your event by taking advantage of all the benefits afforded by music.

When you or your event agency organise an event with live or background music, you need to obtain a music licence from STIM. This applies to events such as roadshows, product launches, release parties, staff parties, exhibitions or other events where music is used. This is regardless if you play music streaming from the internet, from a radio, CD player, hard drive or any other type of music source. The person who is responsible for the event is also responsible for obtaining the licence.

Where does the money go?

The money we collect from licensees is individually distributed to the music creators and music publishers. STIM is owned by the right holders and operates with support of Swedish the copyright legislation.

Music during fairs

Fair organizers might want to offer the exhibitors the opportunity to play music in their stands. With a license from Stim you get permission to do so. Music can be played in both the fair's general surfaces in the individual exhibition stands. It's the organizer of the trade fair that needs to secure the music license.

For the music in the public areas and exhibition stands during a fair with up to 5000 visitors, the fee is 3138 SEK. For artistic performances not included in the admission ticket there is a special fee. Contact us at STIM if you want to know more.

Music during exhibitions

If you sign a license for music during an exhibition must report music use afterwards. Contact us at STIM if you want to know more about how this works.

The fee is based on the number of visitors per exhibition and the number of days of the exhibition. For an exhibition with up to 1000 visitors, the fee is 366 SEK.

Events, dance performances, fashion shows

Music use to be reported in arrears to STIM. This allows you two or four times a year, depending on what suits your business best. Fill in any accounting options you prefer when you apply for a license.


The responsible for the event must account for its music use to STIM. This is done two or four times a year, depending on what best suits you. Indicate which reporting option you prefer when applying for the license.