Youtube and remuneration from STIM

STIM's deal with Youtube means that music creators affiliated with STIM may get payed when their music is played by Youtube users in Europe.

To make it possible for STIM to remunerate for Youtube there are three criterias that needs to be met:

  1. You are affiliated with STIM and you have registered your works on My pages.
  2. Your music is digitally distributed by an aggregator, or is released by a record company that has an agreement with Youtube.
  3. Your video has more than 5,000 views in one month - and in one country.

If the criterias are not fulfilled there is still a possiblity that we will process your case manually. To qualify for manual processing your video needs to have 100,000 views or more in one country - and in one month. Just go to My pages to file a complaint and we will start an investigation.

Does my music have to be released by a record company and is it necassary to have an ISRC code to get remuneration?

Yes, it has to be released and distributed by a record company or an aggregator that has an agreement with Youtube.

Your song will be matched against Youtube's content ID system. In order for Youtube to identify your song they need to have a recording of the song, called a reference. If your song is released by a record company, or an aggregator that has an agreement with Youtube, there is a good chance that Youtube has a reference. And if your song is also tagged with an ISRC code there is an even better chance that your song will be identified by Youtube. Please read more at the Youtube Help Center.