Pay-per-stream values in November 2022

STIM works hard to grant you the best possible compensation for your music. For streaming, we sign deals with music platforms through our international license hub, ICE Services – a joint venture with British PRS and German GEMA.

When we pay out royalties for streaming, we present an amount to show the estimated compensation for one stream. Various factors impact the result, and it is necessary to understand how we calculate the value.

What affects how much I get for streaming?

  1. STIM’s part of subscription revenues. The deal between STIM and the streaming platforms roughly follows the same format. It means STIM, and later the music creators, get a share of the total subscription revenue from the platform in question.
  2. The share will split up. We distribute our share of the subscription revenue to songwriters and music publishers. Each split of the total share relates to the stream count for the songs played in the specific period. A large total of streams means we divide our amount into many small parts. That could result in a lower average stream value - as opposed to if a small number of streams have a portion of our total share.
  3. Increased value and vital negotiations. Even if the value for each stream on a platform would decrease in one of our payments, it does not mean they pay less to STIM. Remember, we still have a fixed share of the subscription revenues. The only difference is how many streams will have part of this share in the specific payment. We work hard to increase the value of music and to sign even better deals, which will result in a larger share of the revenue – and, in the end, more money to distribute to our rightsholders.