Distribution of share splits for a musical work

When a work that has been written by more than one person is registered with STIM, there are a number of different ways the copyright can be split.

One way is not to enter a share split. In this case, distribution will be according to STIM's distribution rules. In short, the rules stipulate that everyone involved receive an equal share. Free distribution among the people involved is also a possibility. There are examples of these two ways of splitting the copyright to the right.

Performance and mechanical shares

When you register your songs/works, you must also indicate performance share (Perf %) and mechanical share (Mech %).

Performance share indicates the remuneration that is received when a song is performed or played on the radio, TV or at concerts, for example.

Mechanical share is the remuneration that is received when music has been recorded in some manner; for example on a CD, MP3, DVD or in a film.

The two concepts can be confusing, but it is important to remember that they are two different types of rights and that both of them need to be entered. The percentage of the two is most commonly distributed equally. The publisher sometimes collects all mechanical remuneration. A publisher may, however, never possess more than 33% of performance rights.

Different distribution for performance and mechanical rights is highly unusual for music that has not been published.