Unlogged Background Music

Shops, hair salons, food service establishments, staff canteens, exercise centres, hotels, aircraft, buses, boats/ferries, sporting events and other establishments that pay for a licence but do not have to submit music reports to STIM.

Listed as Distribution Category 09 in the royalty statement from STIM.

Where does the money come from?

The royalties are paid by a large number of STIM's customers who use music, but run a business where music is not the most important element.

How is the music reported?

No music reports are submitted by these customers.

How is the money distributed?

Money is paid in the form of "analogy royalties". The details of this analogy can be found here.

When is the money paid?

Twice a year (June and December).

How can I file a claim/complaint?

Complaints cannot be filed for distribution categories where the music is not reported.