Nyhet14 February 2017
After last year's success, the initiative SweFolk continues with international songwriting camps in the US and Swedish presence at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City – the largest festival for Folk music.

SweFolk’s vision is to create long-term collaborations giving Swedish and folk inspired artists and songwriters a natural doorway to the North American market.

For the second year, SweFolk and The House of Songs arrange two international songwriting camps, one in Austin and another in Ozarks. During Feb 8-Feb 15, songwriters from Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Germany, Senegal and Ireland will live and work together. The Swedish participants are Sousou Cissoko, Maher Cissoko, Jens Thörnevall and Rebecca Digervall.

Feb 15–20, the songwriters will go to Folk Alliance International, the world’s largest gathering of the folk music industry. SweFolk will arrange a Swedish stage and a stand for artists and industry people. The Swedish participants are Lisas (Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Eriksson Långbacka), Ramy Essam and band, Sousou and Maher Cissoko, Jimmy Wahlsteen, Jens Törnevall and Fru Skagerrak. Export Music Sweden, MTA Production, Kiyou Management and Live at Heart will be present at the festival. 

–The SweFolk project is exciting, as it fits several different parts of our  uppdrag. It aims to create new, international songwriting cooperations. It´s also about marketing the songs of writers affiliated with Stim to the international business represented at Folk Alliance International, says Mattias Franzén at Stim's Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music (SPN).