Nyhet14 February 2017
A network for music producers who identify as women and non-binary, Upfront Producer Network, recently gathered about 60 producers to learn more about about copyright. The meet-up was arranged by Popkollo and Stim's Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music.

At the end of January, Upfront Procucer Network gathered about 60 producers during the educational event "Upfront Producer Meet-Up", together with Stim's Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music (SPN) and and Popkollo. During the day, the producers learned more about how copyright protects their work and how they can benefit from Stim. 

–SPN works to provide conditions for creativity within music in the future. That's why we're engaging in projects promoting a larger diversity within music in Sweden, for example by supporting women creating in an area that's extremely dominated by men today, says Mattias Franzén at Stim's Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music (SPN).

Anna Ingler is co-founder of Upfront Producer Network:

–Encourraging diversity is the most important thing we can do in society today. It's really important that organisations like Stim stands behind initiatives like these, to show their priorities. And who knows, soon we might see a woman receive a Grammy award as producer of the year.  

Upfront Producer Network is a non-profit network, working to show, strengthen and help music produces into the music business. 

Read more about Stim´s Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music (SPN) here.