Cookies from Stim

The site uses so-called cookies. According to the Electronic Communications Act, anyone visiting a website with cookies must be informed that the site contains cookies and what they are used to. The visitor should also be given the opportunity to refuse such use. Stim uses cookies to enhance your user experience and to give you access to some functionality as a visitor. Our cookies do not store information such as names and personal information.

In our privacy policy, you will find information about how Stim handles and protects your personal information, and how you can request extracts of registered data as a visitor.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer by the site you are visiting.
Cookies allow for, for example:


  • Get information on how visitors interact with the site
  • Allow different services and functions
  • Know what language visitors prefer

The cookies we use

We use cookies for primarily two different purposes: web analytics and to enhance the visitor experience.
For web analytics, we mainly use Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us, among other things, to get information about how our visitors interact with the site. Data from the cookie is used for internal web analytics, but is also included in Google's reports.
None of our cookies save information such as names and personal data. Some of the cookies we use are saved only during the current visit, while others can be saved over time.

Cookie settings


You can make your own settings for cookies on Stims sites, which normally is set on your first visit. If your want to change your settings - click “cookies” at the bottom of the home page, or in the main menu of My pages. Stim uses services from Cookie Tractor for cookie management.