STIM Music Room

Welcome to STIM Music Room. A collaborative workspace at the Stockholm office, available to all STIM affiliated songwriters, composers and music publishers.

An entire floor has been remodeled and will now serve as a co-working space where STIM members can conduct their business. In addition, two fully equipped studios have been built, designed by industry legend Ingvar Öhman. A total of 35 people can easily work side by side during office hours.

– We are incredibly proud to launch STIM Music Room. The idea for the project came through dialogue with our songwriters. It can be a lonely profession especially in the beginning of a career. By opening up our office we want to support not only the creative process, but also by offering a natural meeting place to our members. It’ll be a great addition to our core offer; making sure music creators get paid for their hard work – says Lina Heyman, Head of Rightsholder Relations at STIM.

Throughout the year STIM will also host a series of workshops, networking events and songwriting camps in order to provide both industry knowledge and create a much-needed community space.

Below you will find specifications and pictures for each room along with a button leading to the form for making booking requests.

Studio A

Studio A is completley soundproofed and suits perfect for music production, mixing and song-recording. The room is 25 sqm and holds a capacity of a maximum of 5 people. The studio also offers a magnificent view over Tantolunden at Södermalm.


Studio B

Studio B is a tight room with good acoustics and works very well for songwriting sessions and basic recordings. The room is 9 sqm with a capacity of 3 people.


Co-working Space & Meeting Room

In the big co-working space & the small meeting room a total of 35 people can work side by side during office hours. You can not reserve a spot in these workspaces, but we will take spontaneous visits only.


Questions? Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] anytime, or get in touch with us on social media.

STIM Music Room
​STIM is the Swedish collecting society, representing songwriters from a variety of bakgrounds, experiences and genres. We want to give fair conditions to creators and every STIM member is welcome to the Music Room. All it takes is being affiliated to STIM.

STIM Music Room is a 200 sqm large workspace at our office in Stockholm, Hornsgatan 103. It consists of two separate studios, a live stage and open work spaces where members can work privately or meet with other songwriters and industry professionals.

Booking STIM Music Room is free of charge and it will be available to all STIM members.

STIM Music Room is something entirely new among collecting socities around the world, and the concept was developed together with our songwriters.