About our payment on March 15th

Our March payment covers background music and live shows in Sweden. But the principal part of the songs getting STIM royalties this time relates to music being played overseas since almost 50 countries are covered in this payment.

Remember that your songs must have accumulated at least SEK 100 for you to receive a payment. As long as your balance is lower, your money is saved until you reach the threshold. Payment will take place on March 15th, and likely the money will be in your account that very day. Sometimes, however, depending on which bank you are using, it will take a few days more for the funds to reach your account, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Improved feature on My Pages

This is where you track your royalties. Find out where your songs were played and when. The remade version of "My STIM Payments" offers a whole new experience and is tailor-made for desktop users and high-resolution screens! Log in to My Pages and try it out.

Also, explore your payment in STIM's app, available for iPhones, Android, and Huawei phones.

The STIM app is now available in English – please tell your friends! If you don't have access to identification via BankID, you always have the option to log in with a username and password. Download the app: Android | iPhone | Huawei

Royalties from almost 50 countries

If your music was played outside of Sweden in recent years, there is a good chance that you will receive royalties from overseas in the March payment. Almost 50 countries are covered, and at the top, we find music played in the Nordic countries, the U.S, and Great Britain. Log in to My Pages or the STIM app and check your own data. Hopefully, you will have new insights into where your music is played.

Go to the complete list of the countries covered in the March payment.

When is the next payment?

The next royalty payment will be made on May 17th, 2022, and covers the major streaming services, such as Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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