About our payment on August 24

While the summer offered a wide range of sparkling live shows, our target in August is music streaming. We distribute royalties from more than 60 music services and 130 countries all over the globe.

Among the digital platforms included, you will find YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Apple Music – and as much as twelve months of usage for both TikTok and Soundcloud. Most royalties relate to songs played in the last quarter of 2022. Please see the complete overview below of the streaming services and periods included in the payment.

Remember that your songs must have accumulated at least SEK 100 for you to receive a payment. As long as your balance is lower, your money is saved until you reach the threshold. The payment takes place on August 24, and the money will normally be in your account within two working days.

Dig into "My STIM Payments"

This is where you track your royalties - find out where your songs were played and when. The latest version of "My STIM Payments" is tailor-made for desktop users and high-resolution screens. Log in to My Pages and try it out.

Also, explore your payment in STIM's app, available for iPhones, Android, and Huawei phones.

The STIM app is available in English and Swedish. If you don't have access to identification via BankID, you have the option to log in with a username and password. Download the app: Android | iPhone | Huawei

Faster Spotify royalties than ever before

We at STIM have paid Spotify royalties for over a decade, but never before as fast as this August. Monies for the songs listened to in March 2023 end up with the rightsholders today, only a few months later. This result comes from hard work and our recent transition to flexible Spotify periods in the STIM payments.

When is the next payment?

The next royalty payment will be made on September 21, 2023, and covers live music, cinema, support, and background music, as well as royalties for music played overseas.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


For press inquiries contact STIM's press officer:
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