Enjoy the music

Get a music license from Stim and we'll make sure that you money goes to the music creators.

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STIM is a non-profit organization. The funds that we collect is distributed to our 85 000 affiliated music creators and publishers and their colleagues in other countries.

With a music license from STIM, you can play music from all over the world. We send money for foreign music played in Sweden to our sister societies and rightholders in other countries.

Perhaps are you already paying for other licenses, to Radiotjänst or SAMI. That is good, but it doesn't pay the music creators. We represent those who write the music and lyrics, and you need a license from us as well.

This is how it works

Get a music license

To start playing music in your business get a STIM license either after getting a request from us or by your own initiative.

Play the music

You can now play the whole world of music in your business and contribute to music creator's reward for their work.


If you run specific kinds of businesses, like hotel, local radio stations or arange live conserts, you need to report your music usage. You do that after being asked by us, even if you haven't played any music.

Change your license

If there are changes in your business you might have the reason to make changes to your license accordingly. You can do this here.


STIM makes an annual deduction of 30 million SEK to promote Swedish music, in the form of for example scholarships and support of new projects.


We give you access to the whole world of music

The music you play gives an impression of your brand. This may be in your store, restaurant, hotel, or when you arrange a concert. Behind each song, there are one or more creators. We work on the basis of copyright law and are here to support music creators and music publishers, but we are also here to ensure you are able to use the music you want at your business.