STIM's Council for the Promotion of New Music

The council has been mandated by the Annual General Meeting to decide on the use of funds for social, cultural and training related purposes. Through the committee, STIM contributes to musical diversity and strengthens copyright, via such things as grants, support for music projects and financing activities that promote copyright

The objectives of the council are achieved by initiating and supporting projects aimed at making new music across all genres genres more available, and played more - both in Sweden and abroad.

The Council works independently, seeking out or initiating projects that are considered to fulfill the Council's objectives in the best possible manner. As a consequence, it is not possible to seek funding from the Council.

Mattias Franzén is the Director of Operations and Monika Glimskär is the council's administrator. Questions regarding the Council can be directed to

Anne Pajunen
Esmeralda Moberg
Ingemar Bergman 
Linn Persson
Tony Lundman
Chairperson: Kjell-Åke Hamrén