March payment 2018

These areas are to be included in the March payment 2018.

Click on the headlines below to read more about the relevant music areas, what time periods the payment relate to and what music areas and music providers that are included.

The following areas are included in the march distribution:
Livebackground musiconlineforeign.

A quick reminder: the payment for Unlogged Live Music, MEM Subsidies and Publisher Subsidies is made anually, in September.


Background Music



News and additional notes

New agreement with the Church of Sweden

After long and constructive discussions, STIM and the Church of Sweden have concluded a new agreement for all music use. Thanks to closer and more accurate music reporting from the church’s parishes, and a simpler and more coherent collecting process, processing stages from payment to payout will be reduced and the quality of payments will be much improved. STIM has been negotiating a new agreement since 2015 and royalty distributions will be made retroactively for the combined period 2015-2017 as soon as the new agreement is concluded. Exactly when the payout will take place, we will confirm as soon as possible. We have continuously received and processed music reports of the music performed in churches, which will speed up the payment process for these past years.