June payment 2018

These areas are to be included in the June payment 2018.

Please read the news and additional notes that concern the June payment.

Click on the headlines below to read more about the relevant music areas, what time periods the payment relate to and what music areas and music providers that are included.

The following areas are included in the march distribution:
Livebackground music, tv and radioonlineinternational.

A quick reminder: the payment for Unlogged Live Music, MEM Subsidies and Publisher Subsidies is made anually, in September.


Background Music

TV and Radio



News and additional notes

New dates for payments from Spotify and YouTube

New technical developments affect the distribution process regarding royalties from streaming services. Therefore, during a transition period, we will introduce a new periodicity for Spotify and YouTube payments.

Royalties from Spotify and YouTube will be distributed in August and November 2018. Please read the detailed view of what will be included in these payments.

Royalties from the Church of Sweden

Earlier this year we finalised a new agreement with the Church of Sweden. The Church of Sweden has been without a licence since  2015, and now with the new agreement in place we can begin distributing royalties for performances within the parishes. Payments will be made in several stages, beginning with payments for the years 2015 and 2016 now in June 2018, including more than 55,000 works.

Cinema royalties are in sight

As we informed you previously, negotiations with the Swedish cinemas owners’ association are ongoing and as soon as an agreement is concluded we will report when monies will be paid out. Our hope is that this will be later this autumn.

Payment from GEMA

As previously reported payments from GEMA are delayed due to an ongoing tax dispute. The German tax office is making it difficult for GEMA to make full payments to STIM and several other societies in Europe. STIM is in dialogue with both GEMA and the German tax office and our hope is that a solution will be found very soon. We will keep you informed as this case progresses.

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