Community Radio

Music that is played on community radio.

Listed as Distribution Category 14 in the royalty statement from STIM.

Where does the money come from?

The community radio associations pay royalties to STIM.

How is the music reported?

Sample reporting from 'Kristna radionätet' (Christian radio network) and reporting from our rightholders/members.  

How is the money distributed?

We distribute a maximum of 10% of the total revenue based on reporting from our members. The rest is distributed according to the following split: Approximately 17% on sample reporting from 'Kristna radionätet' (Christian radio network) and approximately 83% on analogy based on reports from 'Sveriges Radios P4 Lokal' (Swedish Radio P4 local)

When is the money paid?

Twice a year (June and December). Each payment includes what was played during the previous six months.

How can I file a claim/complaint?

It is not possible to file a claim or complaint for the sampled selections from community radio stations.