September payment 2019

These categories are to be included in the payment on 17th September 2019.

The information on this page is preliminary and may be changed up until the payment date.

The following areas are included:
Livebackground music, broadcastonline, supportinternational, library.

News related to the payment

  • Money for live music is paid 3 months early
  • Royalties from commercial radio are paid out
  • Cmore VOD - money from earlier time periods
  • Compensation from KOMCA, BMI and SESAC is not included
  • Background music without report - second payment
  • NCB money from GEMA

Read more on the topics above in our news and additional notes.




Money for live music is paid 3 months early

This September we will pay money for music that was performed live during the first six months of 2019, and that is the fastest live music payment yet. Should we have followed our previous standard, these performances would have been distributed in our coming payment in December. But by carefully optimizing our processes we are now able to pay the money for live music three months earlier. All live gigs during this period could not be included, but we will pay out royalties for almost 4000 live gigs for January-June 2019. Our ambition is to make similar improvements for other distribution categories in the near future.

Royalties from commercial radio are paid out

You have previously been informed that royalties from commercial radio stations could not be included in our June distribution. This is due to a major change in the Swedish radio market, and STIM’s previous licensing agreements no longer apply to the new market. We are currently negotiating a new price model with radio companies. In September we will pay out the major part of the amount which was postponed from June, and this money comes from a temporary solution while we await a permanent agreement. We will send you an update on this as soon as the new agreement is in place.

Cmore VOD - money from earlier time periods

As we announced before the summer, the June payout meant that STIM royalties for Cmore VOD was included for the first time. The agreement with Cmore VOD applies retroactively, meaning that 2012-2016 will be paid out in September, together with the more current period January-December 2018.

Compensation from KOMCA, BMI and SESAC is not included

Royalties from our american sister societies BMI and SESAC are paused, and this also applies to the Korean society KOMCA. A brief background to the situation is that the music reports which we have received are not of sufficient quality to use as a basis for our payments. STIM simply have higher demands on the reporting to ensure the quality of our payments. We have an ongoing dialogue with these sister societies and we are a few steps closer to a solution, but up until we get green light, payments from these societies are still on hold.

Background music without report - second payment

In June, we paid money for the part of the background music area called Unlogged Background Music, where the payment is based on existing report data from other relevant distribution areas. However, the part of this area that is based on music reports from commercial radio was not included in June, due to the ongoing radio negotiation. And since the radio reports have now been processed, a supplementary part of Unlogged Background Music from June will be included in September.

NCB money from GEMA

As you probably know, the tax case in Germany has been resolved, and in June we were finally able to pay royalties to our rights holders once again. The September payment will include the delayed NCB money, which was kept on hold because of the GEMA case. This distribution includes about 85% of the missing NCB amount for the second half of 2016 through the second half of 2018.

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