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I have received information regarding the new act on the Collective administration of Copyrights and Stims privacy policy and have taken part of the User agreement of My pages

User agreement

General terms and conditions for gaining access to STIM's Internet services

These terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between STIM, including its services which are provided via, and members. "Users" refers to the individuals to whom STIM has granted access to the services by providing specific login data.

The service's content is limited to that agreed upon with STIM in accordance with the specific user profile linked to the login data.

These agreement terms and conditions apply when the user, via the provided login data, gains access to the services for the first time and approves them.

Security requirements

The user assumes responsibility for undertaking necessary precautions to ensure  that login data to the services is stored in such a manner that prevents unauthorised individuals from gaining access to the services comprised by this agreement. The user must immediately notify STIM if he or she has reason to suspect that an unauthorised party may have gained access to the login data and if there is a risk of violation.

Furthermore, STIM is entitled to block access to the service in the event of any violation, as well as in cases in which STIM can reasonably suspect that an unauthorised party has gained access to login data. The user will be informed in writing if access to the service is blocked.    

Limitation of liability

STIM is not responsible for the accuracy of information that is entered into the system. Neither is STIM liable for any inconvenience, damage or loss that results due to circumstances outside STIM's control.

STIM cannot guarantee access to the service. Furthermore, the services' content can vary over time. STIM's system may be unavailable for short periods of time when, for example, STIM performs system maintenance or in the event of unexpected incidents, mishaps or disruptions. Neither is STIM liable for any damage that is directly or indirectly caused by such disruptions.

Special terms and conditions for users who are STIM Licensees

This agreement does not override any aspect of the licensee's obligations stipulated in any specially drafted licence agreement between STIM and the licensee or in STIM's general and special terms and conditions.