STIM invoice FAQ

Did you receive an invoice from STIM? On this page we have compiled common questions about the invoice.

The information on the invoice is incorrect - how do I notify you of the changes?

You can simply fill out our web form to change your STIM license. This applies both if you want to notify operational changes, or if you want to submit a new address.

Where may I find the OCR number?

Payment of the invoice always requiers an OCR number. It’s written at the bottom right of the last page of the invoice and it consists of ten digits.

I have received an invoice for my summer activity now in the winter, why is that?

Normally we bill in advance and the period listed on the invoice is the next three or six months. It does not mean necessarily that the business is running throughout the period, but that you have permission to use music during this period. The key to your price to be correct, is the number of open days per year, which is specified on the invoice.

How do I terminate my STIM license?

If you sold the business or if you for any other reason need to cancel your STIM license, please fill in our form of terminating the license. On that page you will also find the dates that apply if the invoice will be credited or not.


Remember that we must receive all adjustments or written termination of your music licence by 24th December 2018 at the latest to apply from 1st January 2019.


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