Some ideas for playing music in shops

A great deal can be gained by carefully considering and selecting the right music for your shop's specific clientele.

Your primary consideration should be what music your customers would find enjoyable. However, it is also important that you make the music part of your concept.


Consider volume. Music should be heard without being disruptive. Customers may be intimidated by music that is too loud. The music's effect may be lost if the volume is too low. Remember that your customers should be able to speak to one another in a normal tone of voice. Music at this volume gives customers the sense that no one can "eavesdrop" on their conversations.

Time of day

Adapt music selection to the time of day. Slower music should be played during the lunch rush to instil a sense of calmness and make customers want to stay longer. If the shop is calm, you can play quicker music to invigorate your customers and heighten their awareness of what your shop has to offer.