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All who wrote a song that has been played in public or been released can join STIM. If you signed a contract with a music publisher, but your music has not yet been released, you can also join STIM. Apply today!
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What the affiliation is

You as the composer of musical works, with or without text, or a music publisher or other rights holder who is entitled to part of the rights revenue when music is played may transfer your rights to Stim for management. You do this by leaving a so-called management assignment to Stim, becoming "affiliated". As a starting point, Stim may refuse to undertake a management assignment only if there are acceptable reasons. It is free to join Stim and the affiliation means that you as a music creator or music publisher or other rights holder who is entitled to part of the rights revenue when music is played, is paid when the music is made available to the public or released on CD / DVD or equivalent. Stim does not protect your music from plagiarism or theft. This is how it works.

How does the affiliation work?

By completing the web form and signing and submitting the Affiliation form, which is printable in connection with the web form, the affiliation to Stim is completed. If you want Stim to print the affiliation form, this will be sent by mail. Once you have filled in the affiliation form, it must be signed and sent to: Stim, Anslutning, Box 17092, 104 62 Stockholm. Through the affiliation, you express your consent to Stim to manage your rights in such manner and under the terms set out in "General terms and condtions for affiliation with Stim".

Once we have received the signed form and the affiliation is complete, you will receive a confirmation of the e-mail address you have provided. The letter includes your IPI number and password for My Pages (Stims Web Services). You can then start submitting songs / works, report live performances and later see how much Stim payments are being payed out.

Right to limit, expand or terminate the management assignment

If you want to limit or extend the management assignment you have submitted to Stim at a later stage, print a new affiliation form and send it to Stim. You are also entitled to terminate the management assignment completely. If you wish to terminate your management assignment in full, contact Stim's member services.

Right to grant permission for certain uses

In parallel with Stim's management assignments, you are entitled to grant permission for certain use of your musical works if such use is made without acquisition. If you want to leave such a permit, you need to inform Stim of the intended use and to which state has been given 10 days before the work is to be used.

Deduction from rights income

Of the proceeds from performed music that Stim collects each year, a certain share goes to cover Stim's administrative costs. Deductions are also made to cover services provided for cultural purposes such as promoting music and creators' music creation or educational purposes. More about what deductions are made can be found in Stim's statutes. You can also find information about Stim's deductions in Stim's annual report.