9 December 2015
Born with an interest in hard rock and determined to work within the music industry, Eva came to STIM.

How did you come in contact with Stim?

I contacted STIM who had no vacancy for the moment, but promised to return if an opportunity would arise, which it did.

After a few months got Eva a gratifying conversation with the offer of employment. Quickly she advanced within STIM.

 I started working part time in STIM's switchboard and at the company Christmas lunch, I was asked if I was interested in working at the former Documentation Department.

Eva was a representative of STIM at the Hultsfred festival. In conjunction with this, Eve initiated the introduction of a Backstage cottage, where STIM was marketed for its members.

 Here we were given the perfect opportunity to hear what our members think and feel, get feedback.

Since 2011 Eva has worked at STIM's Publishing Services. Here she works in close collaboration with two colleagues to provide service to music publishers in various issues. Eva has himself contributed with suggestions for improvement which are then anchored and become applicable in the organization.

What is a typical day like?

 My days consist largely of answering emails and questions over the phone. Publishers are both from Sweden but also abroad, so much of the correspondence is in English.

What propels you in your work?

 Being able to provide as good a service as possible in advance. It is extremely satisfying to know that the help we give is appreciated, and I often get a direct response by the publishers, says Eva.


 It feels right and good to work at STIM. To work in an organization that seems to keep the music alive not only in Sweden. You may work with music from all over the world.

How would you describe STIM as an employer?

– STIM is safe in the sense that here you can be yourself and there is a great acceptance. Everyone is different but generally what we have in common is that we are all interested in music in one form or another. I have a fun job at an enjoyable workplace. Having a job you like is really important for me and STIM corresponds much of my expectations.